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Our drama team building  class is designed to develop cooperation and create a common language by valuing diversity and using personal resources.

Taking place either outside in the open air or indoors, our program requires that the participants involve themselves physically and mentally in the same kind of exercises that professional actors use when studying the dramatic arts.

Services included in the drama team building package

The package includes exercises and activities which are meant to help participants:

  • Explore and develop communication through non-verbal messages, gestures and mimicry
  • Develop the ability of sensing and understanding other people’s thoughts and emotions
  • Develop assertiveness and initiative
  • Understand and avail oneself of one’s position, role and status within the group
  • Understand and make the best use of one’s personal limitations as well as the limitations of others, to benefit the team
  • Develop the ability to control impulsive reactions
  • Express negative emotions in a constructive way so as to facilitate communication within the team


At the end of these sessions the participants will be able to:

  • Overcome their inhibitions
  • Understand the value of gestures in communicating
  • Maintain a balance between effort and relaxation
  • Recognize their own limitations and know how to overcome them
  • Adjust their own attitude depending on the person they are addressing or their listeners


Our program is carried out in the form of practical workshops, using a learning method which is based on adaptation, through which the students acquire certain abilities. Their participation is therefore interactive, dynamic and engaging, helping them learn to adjust to different situations.

The instruments that we employ in order to teach the students are psycho-physical exercises, theatrical games and theatrical improvisation. Moreover we teach our participants not by means of exemplification, which leads to mimesis as well as limitation, but instead we follow our own method which we have perfected. Our educational approach is unique and revolutionary in Romania.


One group consists of a minimum of ten participants. The location of our workshop will be mutually agreed upon.

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