Untiter award

Self-discovery and personal development using theatrical techniques

With this self-discovery and personal development workshop we aim for:

  • Development of mental flexibility, analogical transfer, working memory, short-term memory, cognitive inhibition, divergent thinking, spontaneity, creativity, empathy, mind theory, assertiveness
  • Controlling performance anxiety and reactions to social evaluation

Workshop duration: 4 months
Frequency: weekly
Schedule: 2 hours per week (18.30-20.30)

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and indoor shoes during workshop activities!

Workshop structure

  • Motivation and its mechanisms – How we motivate and demotivate ourselves. Relationship between motivation and performance.
  • Fear of self-knowledge – Relationship with our own emotions, blockages, limits, qualities and defects. When qualities become defects.
  • Perfectionism, mental rigidity and functional fixity – Relationship between automatisms, habits, divergent thinking, spontaneity, creativity.
  • Emotions features and mechanisms – The role played by emotions in interpersonal relationships.
  • Relationship between emotions and behaviors – How do emotions influence our reactions and behaviors; emotions and decisions.
  • Personal vulnerabilities – Behaviors triggered by unmet needs and deficiencies. When the past excessively determines our present.
  • The need for meaning – Integrating present activities into a coherent life philosophy. Future and quality of life perspective.
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