Cristina & Cornel - Actors at the Cluj National Theater

Actors – The National Theater Cluj

We are Cristina Pardanschi and Cornel Răileanu. After forty years of acting and twelve years of teaching dramatic arts in an academic environment, a period of time in which we formed three generations of actors who went on to achieve remarkable results, we feel qualified to undertake the task of applying some of the optimal theatrical techniques and methods to both the social and business spheres in order to ensure balance for those who are searching for fulfillment on both a personal and professional level.

The experience we gained as actors and mentors has transformed us into keen observers and fine educators – virtues which enable us to correctly evaluate the diverse character traits and capabilities of human nature. 


Academics in drama teaching at the “Babes Bolyai” University – Cluj Napoca

Over the course of our twelve-years teaching career, we have put together a set of complex exercises, after conducting our own personal experiments, with the aid of which we were able to train generations of capable and competitive actors. As is often the case, this method had already been practiced in other countries. We are referring to Neva Boyd and Viola Spolin, two well-known American personalities and forerunners in the field, whose competence we fully acknowledge.

The fact that the method we have chosen has already been verified by others has given us great satisfaction and has determined us to use this educational approach in the social sphere as well.

Our endeavor is a pioneering act on the Romanian social, cultural and educational scene, materializing itself in the form of an extracurricular educational activity.