Taking an alternative approach, our program is carried out in the form of practical workshops. The activity that unfolds during our classes opens up the possibility to develop each individual’s personality by means of “instruments” which are specific for the dramatic arts, namely for actors, regardless of our students field of activity, their initial level of preparation, their temperament or cultural level.

Some of the multiple benefits of our method:

overcoming your inhibitions and learning how to release your creative potential

developing your emotional abilities (understand and express your emotions, team work, concise communication, empathic listening, optimism, responsibility, integrity);

developing your divergent thinking (mental flexibility, originality, fluency)


The predominant practical character of the activities during our workshops makes us stand out compared to other existing trainings. Only through trial, practice and experimentation will we be able to acquire the abilities, skills and instruments needed for an optimal operation.

We recommend you:

1. Ken Robinson,” Out of our minds”
2. Mihaela Rocco,” Creativity and emotional intelligence”
3. Daniel Goleman, “Emotional intelligence”
4. Edward de Bono, “Lateral thinking”
5. Eckhart Tolle, “Stillness speaks”

Recommended websites: